Danielly Friedrich

I am a Journalist

Danielly Friedrich

Journalist who chose this career for all the right reasons. With +7 years' experience in web content and social media, I am starting to explore the international market bringing a Brazilian twist.
Since the internet is multimedia, I am always searching for ways to improve as a professional, learning a bit of everything to develop great material to be read, heard and watched.



Content Development 95%
Photography and Video 75%
Social Media 95%

Social Media Planning

Ability to formulate strategies based on audience research to achieve the most suitable online identity and create engagement and brand value.

Content Development

Production of articles, interviews, infographics and content in general, for both online and offline platforms. Communications is not an exact science, but I take numbers into account to deliver the best.

Customer Relationship

Satisfied customers are the core of any successful company. I can deal with complaints solution and relationship strengthening through Digital Marketing and CRM.


Just translation is not enough. With cultural and language localisation, I produce adaptations from English to Brazilian Portuguese, providing a high-grade option to the general audience.

Live Coverage

Development of posts, images and short videos during live events to share on Social Media and coverage platforms. I also can set up live streaming. From sports to conferences, the word needs to spread fast.

Public Relations

Knowledge of communications campaigns, press releases, clipping and general PR routines to establish and maintain a good relationship with customers and media.


Amsterdam, Netherlands




+31 6 3409 2589